Water Colour Village
WaterColour Village

The WaterColour Residents' Association is a non-profit association of residents and property owners of WaterColour village which is situated at the eastern end of the Surrey Hills near Redhill.

The WRA is tasked with promoting the interests of the residents and retaining the special character of the environment we call home.

The primary aims of the WaterColour Residents' Association are to:

  • represent all residents and property owners in matters of common interest.
  • liaise with the management company to monitor the performance of the managing agent.
  • preserve and improve the amenities enjoyed by the residents.
  • promote a community spirit.
  • consult and inform members of the Association.
  • promote social, welfare and recreational activities for the benefit of the members.
  • promote and support the interests of the residents to any public body.

General information on this website is free for anyone who has a passing interest in the village or the WRA.

Residents can register for free if they wish to view information produced by the WRA for the residents or they may become members of the WRA and participate in discussion forums and contribute to the running of the Association.

If you are a resident of WaterColour Village and please consider joining us. The fees are very low and the more members we have the more effective we are at improving our community.

Welcome to the WRA