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The WRA represents residents of WaterColour village. The more members we have,  the more we can deliver for the benefit of all.

Membership is available annually on a basis of one-per-household to property owners, whether resident or non-resident, and tenants.

Memberships will run for one calendar year (Due to Covid19 delaying the AGM, 2020-21 will begin 31 October 2020) There are two types of membership to the association, Full membership and Associate membership.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Paypal is currently not available for membership subscriptions

Full Member

Open to all WaterColour property owners whether currently resident or not. Full membership gives you access to the Forums and WRA committee meeting minutes. You can suggest items to be discussed at the next committee meeting, be nominated onto the committee and attend and vote at the WRA AGM and other member meetings.


£n/a per annum

Associate Member

Associate members have the same access as Full members except under the WRA constitution they are not permitted to vote at meetings. Associate members are welcome to attend meetings and take part in the discussions.


£n/a per annum

Register only

If you are a resident in WaterColour then you can register to access more resources and Residents Information on this site however this does not give you membership of the WRA


Meetings and Voting

All members are entitled to attend member meetings. Only Full Members may vote at these meetings and only one vote per household is permitted.

Members can submit ideas to be discussed at monthly committee meetings, be elected to the committee and review all minutes of committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting. A discussion forum is provided on this site to encourage an exchange of ideas with other members and the committee.